Theatre “Viva Frida”, directed by Karelle Prugnaud


Frida Kahlo, a painter who became an icon! But who was the artist? Based on her correspondence, freely adapted, Claire Nebout paints a portrait of the irreverent, strong and joyful artist whose last painting is called Viva la Vida!

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A Mexican woman, crippled, a communist, stricken by poliomyelitis at the age of six, a victim of a bus accident in her teens that led to multiple operations, for Frida Kahlo, the struggle is a necessity. What visionary power, what spirit was needed to give birth to a pictorial work now recognized as one of the most original of the 20th century?
The show answers this question in seven paintings inspired by her self-portraits, like so many milestones in a trajectory studded with light and pain, love and revolt. In her letters, Frida is by turns desperate or wanton, a credulous or mocking lover, submissive or domineering. Claire Nebout, guided by Karelle Prugnaud, brings to life the intimate Frida Kahlo, a timeless artist, non-conformist and woman of struggle.

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Ouvert le 22/02/2022
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Ouvert le 23/02/2022
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Theatre “Viva Frida”, directed by Karelle Prugnaud



Theatre “Viva Frida”, directed by Karelle Prugnaud

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