Théâtre “Un instant”?, mise en scène Jean Bellorini


"I would have liked to make the skeptics realize that death is a disease from which one returns" writes Marcel Proust. Jean Bellorini followed suit by adapting the inexhaustible work À la recherche du temps perdu to the stage.

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Of the three thousand or so pages that make up À la recherche du temps perdu, written between 1906 and 1922 and carried by an incomparable style, Jean Bellorini and Camille de La Guillonnière preserve the passages from the author's fragile childhood with his mother, and the tender and deep relationship with his grandmother, until her death. On the set, with great delicacy, the memories are intertwined with the past of the actress Hélène Patarot. In a setting that is both sober and sumptuous, a moment of shared intimacy that resonates in the depths of our hearts and brings out like a vibrant echo our own memories in a communion of souls.

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Théâtre “Un instant”?, mise en scène Jean Bellorini



Théâtre “Un instant”?, mise en scène Jean Bellorini

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