This afternoon, we’re going to Six Fours to visit the Parc de la Méditerranée with the children. This park, a favourite walking area for young and old alike, offers a magnificent view of the Mediterranean coast. A great breath of fresh air and large areas where you can unwind: we love it!

A giant playground

A wind of freedom blows from the moment you cross the park’s entrance. We let the children play, jump about and scream without any fear… They run straight to the sloping lawn of the park and start roly-polying until they tumble to the bottom. It’s really funny. we’re a bit dizzy when we arrive, but we quickly go back up to start again. We then go and see the pond where a few carps are swimming peacefully in the sun. Then, it’s time to have a go at the traditional playground with its slides and rope bridge. While the children are having fun, we (the parents), sit quietly on a bench with a breathtaking sea view, and laze around in the sun!

Oops, but not for too long! The children already want to move on, they want to test the apparatus of the fitness course. We’d better follow them and help them do like “a grown up” would. The path is also very pleasant. The contrast between the dark volcanic rocks and the plants gives the park a Breton look that we find enjoyable.

Goûter au Parc de la Méditerranée

Goûter au Parc de la Méditerranée

Goûter au Parc de la Méditerranée

Heading to Nègre point

We follow the path and head to the end of the Cap Nègre. Once again, we’re blown away. It’s a bit windy, but the sky is clear. There is not a single cloud to spoil the 360° view, from the calanques (sheltered inlets) of Cassis and La Ciotat to the Gaou and the Embiez Islands on the other side. We notice small and wild criques along the point. Information boards give us a few details on the different species and the fauna. The Cap Nègre Battery stands proudly at the end. It is a military fort used for coastal defense, which in the past had a primary role in the protection of the coast, thanks to its favourable location in between Sanary and the Brusc harbour. Old cannons are positioned at the entrance. The children enjoy climbing on the cannons, using them as hobby horses ! You can visit the fort. It is on several levels, one of them being a terrace that houses thematic exhibitions.

Goûter au Parc de la Méditerranée

An enchanting “goûter”

It’s time for a snack. Keeping the children waiting is not an option. The “goûter” snack is sacred! We head to the park’s snack bar, the Niglo, for something remarkable. We don’t normally sit at a terrace  and have waffles and crepes. but from time to time, it’s a pleasure to treat the children! And an extra pleasure are the merry-go-rounds and attractions next to the Niglo: mini karts, trampolines, flying carousel, bouncy castle… it’s great. And here they go again ! They really have had a good play today !

Goûter au Parc de La Méditerranée

It’s time to go back. Before we do, we have one last detour through the refurbished gardens to have a look at the park’s nice flower bed. The colours are splendid. What a wonderful place for children!

Goûter au Parc de la Méditerranée


Practical information:

  • The Parc de la Méditerranée has a free car park from October to April, toilet facilities, and dogs kept on leash are allowed.
  • The snack bar, Le Niglo, is open everyday, all year round for lunch or snacks (depending on the weather). Reduced-price tickets are available for the attractions
  • Cap Nègre Fort is open everyday except on Mondays and Bank Holidays. Every November, it hosts a wonderful exhibition of provençal santon figures.


A “goûter” at the Parc de la Méditerranée

Enjoy this experience... Go!