Today, we have decided to take a family trip, with Auntie, to Coudou Parc. This treetop adventure course is located inside the Coudoulière woodland, near the town of Six Fours Les Plages. We ‘ve heard a lot about it, but never tried it. And this is a great chance to have fun surrounded by nature, as the park is accessible from the age of 2! We’re a bit older than that today, but we’ll be able to come back with our younger cousins ! We get to the park entrance quickly. Everything here is made of wood to blend with nature.

Fun and safe

After a quick stop at reception, Max fits us with slings and gloves, then give us advice about safety. The girls seem calm and collected, whilst us adults, listen carefully to the instructions. Still, we are a bit afraid that we might not quite be up for it. Max reassures us: everything is secured. “At Coudou Parc the lifeline is continuous and you never unfasten”. No risks involved.

Now we are ready, we have to choose a circuit. There are several difficulty levels, 18 circuits overall. It is impossible to get bored.

We take the easy circuit to start off

To begin the task and warm up a little, we start with the blue course, which is suitable for both girls – who are 10 and 14, but also for us, the adult rookie adventurers☺.

First hurdle, a rope bridge… we test our balance at first but we get through. As the different tasks go by, we gain height. We are now in the heart of nature and pine trees. This course is around 8m (26ft) high. Auntie has been doing well despite feeling a little dizzy. She goes on calmly without looking down. Hop, here’s the first zipline. As Max explained earlier, we install the pulley onto the cable and we are underway ! Whoa, it is really strange to go from tree to tree in the blink of an eye ! It reminds us of Tarzan with his famous  “Aaaaaaiiiiiiiaaaiooooh”. We feel like we are part of the tree world.

Circuits suitable for everyone

After the first circuit, we decide to split up. Auntie and Emmy want to try the purple course, which is higher up and a bit more advanced than the blue one.

And we tackle the red course, suitable from the age of 14. The tasks are similar to the previous ones, although much higher up. Wooden logs are placed further apart, rope bridges are less stable, the spaces between trees are wider, ziplines are much longer, and the thrills are much stronger! It is time to push ourselves to our limits so we can get to the end the circuit together

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Le Coudou Parc, what an adventure

A well deserved break

After 2 ½ hours of adventure, we meet again to snack under the shade of the huge pine trees. A relaxation area with benches and tables has been set aside at the base of the circuit. I have to say that  we thoroughly deserve our refreshing break. A little tired, but filled with memories, we decide to visit the nearby Coudoulière beach before setting off home. What a great family afternoon!

Follow our adventure at the Coudou Parc on video

A nature adventure between sky and earth

Enjoy this experience... Go!