If you just want to relax and travel, with a friend or as a couple, there is no need to go far.
In the le Brusc area, Gaou Island, which is linked to the mainland by a wooden bridge, is a true haven of peace where preserved nature is perfect for a romantic stroll at the break of day… Follow our advice, you’ll be amazed!

Romantic sunset on Gaou Island

They liven up le Brusc…

Pointus, emblematic pointed-bowed fishing boats from the Mediterranean coast, play a part in the warm atmosphere you will find when you walk towards Le Gaou.

These typical boats which can be seen along the harbour will bring you pleasure with their vivid colours and their evocative names. If you are lucky enough to have the waves or the wind on your side, you could even hear them sing! Listen, it’s a very soothing sound …

If you want to find out a bit more about the pointus, then read the article on Le Chameau Bleu blog: it will tell you about some secrets you had no idea about in a very poetic way!

Pointus dans la lagune du Brusc

Like looking at a masterpiece

Spreading out in front of you, admire the outstanding view of the Embiez archipelago and its protected natural space. It has been an inspiration for painters and photographers in every season
Thanks to the combined efforts from locals and Paul Ricard, fauna and flora thrives under the protection of the Natura 2000 zone and the posidonia beds are filled with octopus and fish.
In the last few metres before getting to the Gaou, you’ll find some petanque enthusiasts also relaxing before this scenery. We suggest you take a bit of time to understand this game’s subtleties, take in the melodious accents, and perhaps exchange a few anecdotes on Provencal traditions.

The Gaou

Warning: crossing the small wooden bridge will take you into a different space-time. Sure, it will take 30 minutes to go around the island, but the striking views will encourage contemplation.

Be prepared to admire the shape of the coast, the crooked trunks of the pine trees, bent by the Mistral and the criques with a plethora of reflections.

Take advantage of the sea breeze: a bench will offer you a seat for this magical pause, rocking you with the sound of waves and seagulls song.

A magic pause

When the sun finally sets, shadows stretch and the sky changes colours: from blue to orange by way of a red gold tinted shade. For a moment, those surroundings are yours to relish. However, a final piece of advice to our sweethearts: firstly, don’t rush back and, secondly, when you do, stop at a café terrace. You’ll be able to enjoy the night sky peacefully before going back to life’s harsher pace.

Some gifts can’t be bought, they are given by nature. Wander with your other half on a coastal path against a backdrop of preserved nature.  Smell the salty air, breath deeply and enjoy the show.

Caroline et Cyril

Here is a preview of your walk on video

A romantic stroll at the Gaou

Enjoy this experience... Go!