Yes, of course, I know Le Revest-les-Eaux. The dam with turquoise water, the Maison des Comoni and its shows for the younger audience, the car boot sales and weekend activities that the whole Métropole seems to rush to, the village life and its café terraces shaded by plane trees, of course I know about it.
Well… I thought I did, until my friend Mathilde, born and bred in Le Revest, asked me a couple of questions about her village, and now I’m lost! I must say, Mathilde is a good sport, she offered to fill the gaps in my patchy knowledge with a homegrown visit of “her” Le Revest.

Let’s meet on the square

Le Revest-les-Eaux is a small hilltop village 8 km (5 mi) from the centre of Toulon. Nestling at the foot of the Mount Caume, behind Mount Faron, the village is well known by hikers and climbers for its exceptional natural site.

The village has kept its authenticity, provençal soul and youth. The Revestois (the name of the inhabitants) are keen to keep their village alive and to provide family events there. I’m about to experience all of this with Mathilde. We arrange to meet on the square : famous for its café terraces, and the focal point of village life.

Voir la descritpion

Pretty plants line the roads well staged by the villagers

Off to the medieval tower

It is impossible not to visit Le Revest-les-Eaux without “climbing” the tower. Located at the top a rocky limestone outcrop, it dominates the centre of the village. Mathilde leads the way, very chatty and with sparkling eyes: she’s in her comfort zone. We begin our ascent: a gentle slope immersing us gradually into the charms of little known Le Revest. We see small houses with colored fronts, and gazebos sheltering lovely patios where it must be nice to live… I’m amazed to see fine plants: bougainvillea, prickly pear, plumbagos and four o’clock flowers border the path, cleverly staged by villagers. As our stroll goes on, the ever present hills give the impression that the village is in “the middle of nowhere”.

Once at the top, I understand the unrivalled location of this place!

I appreciate the 360° view from the tower : Toulon, the sea, Mount Faron, Mont Caume, the dam and its reservoir. We are minutes away from the town but nature is everywhere and the atmosphere is peaceful.

Today, I’ll be content with the landscape. But for my visit to be complete, I’ll come back during the Heritage Days to (re)discover the 13th century medieval tower.

While we’re coming back down to the village, I quizz Mathilde on the history of Revest-les-Eaux and we linger a bit longer with a drink at the local café in the atmosphere of the end of a summer’s day, where all my curiosity is satisfied.

A walk around Le Revest-les-Eaux

Enjoy this experience... Go!