While the last light of the sun disappears below the horizon, a paddleboard seems to slide over the looking-glass sea. This will be a moment when you are in total communion with nature. This sunset trip is unique and you have to experience it at least once.

Simple and full of fun

Easily accessible, stand up paddling has become a classic and you can see it blooming on every beach. Getting a handle on it (or should we say “getting a foothold”) is so easy that it has become an essential holiday activity. A lot of professionals are now renting out these paddleboards. But you can also enjoy accompanied paddleboard excursions at the end of the day and watch an exceptional show.

A perfect sunset

In Hyères, Fabien is the embodiment of the “paddle way of life”. Long beards, trucker’s caps, people carriers and SUVs seem to congregate, always on the lookout for the perfect spot… He’ll offer, in a relaxed way, to take you on a trip into the sunset. For 2 ½ hours, you can row at your own pace, with absolutely no pressure, in magical places such as Almanarre, la Madrague, Giens … Paddleboarding is very easy. You manage to balance very quickly and his inflatable paddles are perfectly adapted to your level. Even children can come. What reward do you get?

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The calm of a summer’s evening. Only the lapping sound of ripples and the sound of the paddle in the water will interrupt this zen moment

A unique sunset, with no other noise than the lapping sound of the sea.

It’s almost 9.00pm on this summer evening. In the video above, we are right in the middle of the Almanarre, about 30 mins. away from the beach with the same name. The sun is about to tip behind Cap Sicié. This is the very moment we want you to experience because it’s unique. The only noises you will hear are the lapping of the water on the board and the cries of a few lost seagulls. The orb of red light disappears quickly, revealing a sky of fire which you can immortalise with your telephone.

Sunset on a standup paddleboard

Enjoy this experience... Go!

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