Some encounters stay etched in our memories. There are times where our 100 mile an hour lives slow down and stop. Times when mother nature offers us such a wonderful show that all the rest seems so futile. This is the unique moment we are about to discover or experience again here. An encounter with dolphins in their natural habitat.

At the heart of a marine sanctuary

Did you know that the waters of our coast where located at the heart of a marine sanctuary whose purpose was to protect marine mammals? It’s called the PELAGOS Sanctuary. Why does such a concentration exist? Because the configuration of the sea bottom favourises the development of the ecosystem required for mammals such as dolphins and rorquals. From the Toulon Canyon to the continental slope off Porquerolles, these areas are perfect for observing mammals in their natural habitat. We call this activity Whale Watching.

A common rorqual starting its dive towards the deep

On board for a delightful experience

7am at the Tour Fondue. It’s a bit early but we are so motivated that it doesn’t matter. We board at Giens and head for the Toulon Canyon, an area well-known for the wealth of its plankton.

After a 30 minute sail, on-board coffee and and initial talk about the mammals we are going to be admiring, we arrive on site. Just after the presentation on rorquals is over, the captain shouts with joy. While we were talking, she was examining the horizon and she has spotted a group of dolphins approaching.

Voir la descritpion

A dolphin coming to join us to take advantage of the headway and play in front of the stem

We aren’t going to rush towards the dolphins to get a closer look, we’re going to keep our bearing and let them come towards us. They are usually very playful and they love to slip in front of the stem of the boat to take advantage of the headway. This is exactly what you will feel on a whale watching excursion. If, like us, you are lucky to have experienced the joy of one of these outings, life will never be the same again.

Long, magical moments

It is incredible to observe such beautiful animals in their natural habitat. On paper, or on internet, you may be thinking that this is a bit “oversold”… but this moment will genuinely be engraved in your memory forever.

During your Mediterranean holidays, enjoy sea excursions organised by professionals who respect the Whale Watching charter. From €90 per person, you will embark on an unforgettable trip. With good weather and a little luck, you are sure to bring back some unique and unforgettable moments from the Var.

Laetitia (Vichy – France)

When I see these photos, I still get the shivers. My daughter keeps telling me about the incredible moments where dolphins come and play in front of the boat’s stem. The leaps that these animals make will stay etched in my memory (and my daughter’s) for a very long time. I promised her that I would go and see the dolphins and the dream came true. And the cherry on the cake was the common rorqual that we spotted off Sanary. If you could describe happiness, it would certainly be that morning we spent at sea.

Meet the dolphins

  • Un groupe de globicéphales à l'avant du bateau d'Espace Mer

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