Without a doubt, one of the things you must do on your holiday, is to spend an evening at les Sablettes. It’s a moment of pleasure for all the family. The children will look forward to it, dreaming of climbing onto the attractions at the theme park, and it’s also a time where parents can relax, let themselves go and enjoy this moment of complicity.

A picnic which will make the whole family happy

Tonight, everyone is happy. We’re going to spend an evening at les Sablettes. The parents don’t have anything to prepare in advance, all they have to do is to relax and freshen up for the evening. As soon as we get to the Sablettes, we order a takeaway at the snack bar. Everyone orders their favourite dish, and then we go and enjoy it on the beach, opposite the Two Brothers rocks. The setting sun offers some splendid colours and the bay takes on an orange-pink colour. Kids can play and run on the beach which is much less crowded in the evening. A real pleasure.

A few souvenirs from Provence

Night has fallen and the whole family goes off to visit the crafts night market which takes place just behind the beach, in the wide pathways inside Braudel Park. It’s a pleasure to see the work of local craftspeople: painters, jewel makers, creators, stylists… Here, we can find everyone a pretty souvenir to take home. While we’re strolling through the market, we hear the sound of one of the concerts organised in the park. A little further on, we listen in on a stranger singing at the local karaoké. What a lovely voice! We feel like having a try so we sit down at the terrace. In the end, we are too shy so we don’t dare sing but we do order a lovely ice-cream coupe! I know we’re shy but we do have a sweet tooth!

Children’s Paradise

At last, the moment the kids have been waiting for … It’s time to go to Funnyland, the theme park which we have been wanting to visit since the beginning of the holidays, with its illuminated Ferris Wheel beckoning to us every evening. We buy an unlimited pass so the children can go on as many attractions as they like. Slides, twisters, bumper cars, carrousels, a mini big 8, the Funny Box, there is really everything for everyone. The whole family takes a ride on the Ferris wheel and admires a 360° view over the Tamaris and Sablettes bays. It’ll soon be midnight and it’s time to go home, even if the kids don’t want to leave this magic place.

A marvellous evening was had by all. The children go home with stars in their eyes and their parents are full of holiday memories. How wonderful to see the sparkle in the kids’ eyes. We’re definitely coming back next year!

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An evening with the tribe at les Sablettes

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