This is a magical day – you start off feeling as if you’re living in a cartoon, and when you’ve finished you’ll want to experience the best of what Provence Méditerranée has to offer …
Our idea was simple… break the rules a little, and show you our destination in a different way!

Richard Zielenkiewicz, aka Monsieur Z, took up the challenge and made an animated video which is full of joy and colour – just like us! It’s set to music made by KUNGS, our favourite Toulon DJ.

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Betty and Benjamin’s love story

That’s sorted, Betty has got her tickets to fly out and be with Benjamin, her French lover. He has prepared a magical itinerary around nature, culture, bathing, art de vivre … Betty’s plane has just landed at Toulon-Hyères, and the two lovers’ exceptional day is finally about to start.

On the road to the Giens Peninsula, with the salt flats, red flamingoes and kite surfers, Betty is already swept off her feet.

They get on board a sailing boat, aptly named “Porquerolles”, and Benjamin takes Betty to the  Embiez or Golden Islands. It’s time to take advantage of the sea, and to do some snorkelling to discover the undersea animal and plant life within the protected area of the Port-Cros National Park.

Then it’s time to go off and stroll around the Provence markets, in Ollioules or on the Cours Lafayette in Toulon, full of stalls of varied colours and tastes, a real heightening of the senses. Then, their tour takes them on a visit to the monuments of the past, via shaded streets and little squares decorated with provençal fountains.

It’s time now to have a look at our outstanding gardens, like La Valette, the Baudouvin Garden, the Maison du Cygne (Swan House) at Six-Fours, but also our local forts such as Fort Balaguier at La Seyne sur Mer or the Tour Royale in Toulon.

At last, it seems obvious to go and admire some art exhibitions such as the one at Villa Noailles in Hyères before going on the Arts Trail.

They take Toulon cable car to the top of Mont Faron and enjoy the extraordinary view over Toulon Bay.

And to end their evening, before the traditional firework display,  they could have an “apéro” opposite the Two Brothers Rocks, dine on the beach at Carqueiranne and and then to a “Balleti” at Le Pradet.

So now it’s your turn to discover the wonders of our area … Be inspired by the experience of Betty and Benjamin, either with your partner or as a family.

A wonderful adventure to create

After Monsieur Z, the illustrator created the Toulon Provence Méditerranée Métropole Tourist Map, the Director of the office and Richard Zielenkiewicz wanted to keep the adventure going. The natural follow on was the idea of directing a promotional film which could put the same ideas into a animated film version.

The tourist office team wrote the scenario, under Richard’s direction – we didn’t want to put too much in! But how could we choose between all the different experiences? : How about paddleboarding? And the Carmignac Foundation? And family picnics on the beach at dusk? And undersea diving? And rugby matches at Mayol ? And the morning coffee at the harbour? And the coast walks? And this? And that ? Well… we had to make a few decisions. It was quite difficult and we had a few arguments about it …!

After an initial storyboard and then a colour script, six months later, we finally received the first animated images.

Meanwhile, we also got the OK from our favorite Toulon DJ Valentin aka KUNGS via Universal Music and Write Here Music for his music to accompany our images.

Altogether, it took less than 8 months to produce this animated film … it wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic work provided by NO JOKE STUDIO, a great production team, also 100% Toulonnais, who worked relentlessly alongside Monsieur Z!

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We’re proud of our team’s work and we hope you'll want to experience the adventures


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