We’re taking you to visit the Hyères Arts Trail, snuggled in the old town. We’ll be looking at different “wood-related” trades.
We’ll see a luthier, a bag designer, even a boomerang creator. But there will also be craftspeople making decorative objects, jewels, … lots of daring skills and know-how.


A meeting with artisans, some using old-style crafts and others who you could only describe as “quirky”.

For the first stop on our journey, we are going see Valérie in her jungle of good feeling. Valtaral Création, opposite St-Louis church, offers a lot of originality together with all the sparkle of its creator.

Luckily, we are the only people in the shop, so Valerie can take some time out to present her creations and new items to us. This shop, like for most craftspeople, doubles as their workshop. Valérie manipulates wires and colours, producing custom-made lamps, shades and mobiles according to your fancy.

The next stop on our visit will be at Stéphane’s amazing boutique: Wallaby Boomerangs.

You’ll be surprised by the diversity of this workshop, an Ecomuseum dedicated to the boomerang. If you need any advice, Stéphane will be more than happy to help. Be ready for a journey into the land of kangaroos. This workshop cum boutique has something for all ages and for all tastes. Stéphane manufactures and paints objects by hand – he’s committed to use various renewable materials such as wood.

Let’s carry on our visit within the historical heart of the city, via Rabaton and Massillon Squares: with their Provençal fragrance and Italian look, where bougainvilliers in full bloom mingle with creative boutiques.

There are still a number of workshops left to be discovered: plastic artists, upholstery decorators, ceramics artists, wedding dress creators, creator-designers, pearl crafts…

Discovering the arts trail

  • L'Atelier 16 - Parcours des Arts

  • Aux Arts Etc - Parcours des Arts

  • Fordino - luthier Parcours des Arts

  • Kplan - Parcours des Arts

  • Kplan - Parcours des Arts

  • Pikonelo & Médaille Blanche - Créateur vêtement enfant Parcours des Arts

  • Aux Arts Etc - Parcours des Arts

  • Les Larmes de Vénus - Perliculteur

  • Atelier 16 - Parcours des arts

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