Anchored to the landscape of La Seyne, there are two rocks called les Deux Frères – the Two Brothers. They shape the horizon from the tip of the Cap Sicié to Toulon Bay and have always intrigued people.

There is a legend about these two giants that we would love you to discover.

We suggest you get a bit closer to those two mysterious rocks on a scuba diving session! Will you be able to uncover their secret?

The diving centre

The Hippocampe diving club is located on the Fabrégas beach, a nice black sand beach with an untamed look. You will be free to bathe or savour a nice meal in one of the beach restaurants before or after diving

First step:  get your equipment from Géraldine and Jonathan at  the diving club. We may as well warn you now, putting a neoprene suit on is no mean feat! Make sure you don’t lose your patience – just think of this as a warm up before the adventure: it’ll be worth it.

Once you’re equipped, it’s time head to the open sea with the club’s rigid inflatable boat. A word of advice, have a look at the coast moving away from the boat, the view is splendid: The Cap Sicié, the Fabrégas and Jonquet beaches and the ruins of an old fort at the end. Take a breath and enjoy the view!

Anse de Fabgrégas

Reaching your destination

Jonathan explains the equipment : mask, oxygen bottle, pressure regulator, life jacket and practical gestures. Then bang! Straight into the water for the start of the expedition!

For those who have never dived before, you may have a few preconceptions: the weight of the equipment, the fear of depths that is related to a fear of heights… I can assure you, once you get rid of that first apprehension,  it’s nothing but joy! Of course, the equipment is bulky, and you need to be cautious but you won’t feel it after a few minutes.

sous l'eau

As for the descent into the depths, they do it progressively by following the natural slope of the Two Brothers, so that you’re not aware that you’re moving towards the seabed 

Banc de saupes

School of Mediterranean breach

Let Jonathan guide you: he will show you the submarine flora and the species you could encounter during your visit.You can meet: sea urchins, multi-coloured seaweed of all shapes (depending on the variety) sea anemones which look like flowers or even fireworks, but also Goby fishes (ray-finned fishes), ornate wrasses, sea breams and even a few octopuses! Of course, this list is not complete, and your instructors, Géraldine and Jonathan, will be sharing their knowledge, and they have a document available on board which gives the names of all the species.


The depth of the water  surrounding the Deux Frères fluctuates between 2m(6 ft 5) and 37m(121 ft), so be prepared, with the feeling of tranquility and the staggering huesyou will adore this marvellous moment full of colour and diversity. To such an extent that you’ll certainly consider coming back another time! Who knows, you might actually need to come back to discover the secret of the Deux Frères.

Diving at the “Two Brothers” rocks

  • Les Deux Frères

    Les Deux Frères

  • Les Deux Frères

    Les Deux Frères

  • Départ du bateau

    Départ du bateau

  • Dans l'eau

    Dans l'eau

  • On se jette à l'eau

    On se jette à l'eau

  • sous l'eau

    sous l'eau

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