Come and meet the heavens with us and do some parasailing over Six-Fours! A moment of pure bliss awaits you.

Dreamlike conditions

The weather is great, it is pleasantly warm, and there’s just enough wind to clear the horizon. We’re meeting for a parasailing session over the blue Mediterranean sea.

We will journey to the enchanting port of Le Brusc, just after the Cros and Charmette beaches. The sea is full of promises, turquoise and transparent! Enough to whet our appetites for the next step in our adventure.

Plage des Charmettes

Franck and his team welcome you aboard their boat, fitted with a specially-designed long rear deck for parasailing. It is the starting point for our aerial escapade over the Le Brusc bay and Embiez Island.

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The charming port of Le Brusc

While the captain steers towards the takeoff area, we put on the necessary harness and safety jacket. The team is particularly welcoming and makes us comfortable, so that this experience becomes an unforgettable moment. We’re allowed to choose whether we do this in a swimsuit or fully clothed.

After a short safety brief, we are ready to go, sitting on the rear deck, cameras in hand.

Flying over the big blue sea

Sitting comfortably at the rear, we are fully prepared for takeoff. Once the sail fills up with wind, the boat builds up speed and we rapidly start to soar a few meters above the sea. Takeoff is so smooth that we don’t worry for even a second. The panorama we enjoy is truly awesome. The shades of blue of the sea range from turquoise to deep blue, to the green of the Massif du Cap Sicié, and back to the blue sky.

Up in the air, a profound feeling of tranquility and peace takes hold of us, we have no vertigo whatsoever, only silence…

The boats in the bay have turned to dots floating in the water, and the archipelago of Embiez, the gem protected by Paul Ricard, sits proudly facing the sea. Far away, you can see Sanary, or the Bec de l’Aigle (eagle’s beak, in French) in La Ciotat, and even make out Marseille.

We nearly forget to immortalize the moment. Luckily, our video camera – lent to us by the team – is turned on and so these beautiful memories and extraordinary landscapes are saved.

Smooth descent

After 10 minutes of awe, the boat turns back. It is time for us to descend from our sky-high bliss. The beaches and port zoom back into view.

The captain mischievously lets our legs dip into the water, just enough to cool off before we are smoothly brought back down to the deck.

This moment will long remain etched in our memories, and judging by the content smiles we are wearing, we are finding it difficult to come back down to earth.

We would love you to have a go at this adventure! It is an unusual experience you need to do at least once. It pleasantly mixes mellow sensations and the beauty of the landscape, and you won’t feel vertigo. Open to anyone over 5 years old, whether or not you can swim 😉

So when are you going to jump in??

Christian C says

Parasailing was a great experience! I loved it. The staff is really friendly, they reassured when I was slightly afraid I might get vertigo. The fee for two people is reasonable. Definitely a must-do! I’d say must-re-do, even.

Still hesitating? Watch us enjoy the experience in this video!

Sky-high in Six Fours

Enjoy this experience... Go!