Who has never wanted to visit inaccessible places, or to travel back in time to follow the lines of the past?
Sounds complicated, I hear you say ? Not as complicated as it might seem!

We’ve found a really fun app, which will guide you and unravel the city’s mysteries, mixing reality with virtual, in 360 degree VR!

Go on…just download Archistoire, the free app, to your smartphone via l‘App Store ou Google Play

We’re off…choose your destination, move your smartphone in any direction and touch the interactive elements to see anecdotes and exclusive facts about remarkable, carefully selected points of interest.

Do you want to find out more about history, the details of certain places or architectural movements, unlock extended content and browse whenever you wish?

Another amazing thing, you can superimpose images from the past in order to discover the memory of the place you are looking at..

You can also enter certain buildings which are not accessible to the public

Reach for the sky, your trip moves on the the top of Mount Faron which you can reach via the cable car. Archistoire will enable you to discover the entire history of the city from this grandiose view.

And if you are unable to go to the place yourself, or you just want to find out a little bit more about Toulon’s emblematic locations while you are sitting comfortably at a terrace or on your sofa, the app works just as well remotely. Try it out!

Watch the video, you’ll really want to download the app!