Theatre “Les Meutes” by Eloïse Mercier


Following on from Une goutte d'eau dans un nuage, Compagnie Microscopique continues its sound writing and takes us into the darkness of the woods for a disturbing tale that blurs the lines between prey and predator.

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As so often in fairy tales, there are the paths we take and the night in which we get lost. And then there is a wolf. There is Lou and all the packs she comes across, the families, the clans, the ties that bind her, like so many expectations and injunctions imposed by the group. A story of belonging and exclusion, love and betrayal, commitment and escape. It's a story about women and the forest, about everything that man might think himself the master of, about childish, vague, faceless terrors and the more dangerous ones that populate our human relationships. On the edge of dreams, combining storytelling, music and video, this three-part hunt keeps us on the edge of our seats until we no longer know who is devouring and who is being devoured.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


  • Theatre


  • 168



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: From €5 to €30. Reservations recommended.

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Saturday 20 January 2024 at 8 pm.

Tuesday 23 January 2024 at 8 pm.

Wednesday 24 January 2024 at 8 pm.

Thursday 25 January 2024 at 8 pm.


Theatre “Les Meutes” by Eloïse Mercier



Theatre “Les Meutes” by Eloïse Mercier

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