To live the big blue dream as intensely as possible, with a mask and snorkel, a pedalo boat, with a paddle or a kayak, believe us and … jump in at the deep end!

National Park waters

When you arrive in Hyères (by land or by air), you feel pulled towards the sea. You’ll want to go to the islands, taste the open spaces, ... to set…

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Explore the islands with a kayak

At around 6 pm, when the sun gets a little lower and it feels cooler, we go to the base at Brusc for a not too strenuous outing. Tonight, we…

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Meet the dolphins

Some encounters stay etched in our memories. There are times where our 100 mile an hour lives slow down and stop. Times when mother nature offers us such a wonderful…

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Sunset on a standup paddleboard

While the last light of the sun disappears below the horizon, a paddleboard seems to slide over the looking-glass sea. This will be a moment when you are in total…

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Croisière autour des îles en catamaran

Visit “criques” and islands in a catamaran

Every day, when we look out to sea, we can make out the islands. The Embiez Island which you can reach by shuttle, and also the Grand Rouveau Island, whose…

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The most beautiful beach in Europe

Off to Porquerolles Island to show you the beach that was elected the best in Europe. On the programme today: turquoise sea, fine sandy beach, and spectacular pine trees.

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