Off to Porquerolles Island to show you the beach that was elected the best in Europe. On the programme today: turquoise sea, fine sandy beach, and spectacular pine trees.

Notre Dame beach: imagine that, totally relaxed, lying on the fine sand, diving into the crystal clear waters of Porquerolles, walking along the sea’s edge… That’s it, we’re going to try this paradise beach out.

What a choice when we get to the island: either we go to the beach on foot, or on a bike. We can’t wait to discover the island so we get the bikes, it takes 15 minutes to reach Notre Dame beach, our route will take us through some breathtaking viewpoints.

There we are, bike parked, totally mesmerised by the superb panorama. The green of the pines blends with the lagoon blue of the sea. The beach forms a cove with a width of sand hemmed in by a pine grove which shelters us from the wind. It’s THE place to take photos.

Notre Dame ID card:

  • Sand width = 800 metres
  • The further you get from the village, the fewer people you will find
  • In the water, the shallow depth is ideal for children

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Notre Dame Beach

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Arriving at Notre Dame beach

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The most beautiful beach in Europe

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