Toulon has a lot of defining features, and the cable car is definitely one of them! Unique on the Mediterranean coast, it will get you to the top of Mount Faron from the city in just 6 minutes. All aboard for this piece of Toulon heritage you just can’t miss: sensations guaranteed 🙂

Discover Toulon and Mount Faron on the cable car

It’s Tuesday July 3rd, and we’re off for the Toulon cable car! We pick up some nice tickets at the office, and join the queue which is moving quickly and we are soon on board. The cabins have been changed: they have kept their bright red colour but their 1950s look has been enhanced. We’re a little worried: the glass viewing panel in the floor might give us a bit of vertigo… will it be OK?…

We get on board with several groups of friends and families. The cabin operator reassures us, everything is in order, we can leave the station and start enjoying the view. And what a view! – it’s sublime and 360 degrees round. The cable car moves quickly between the hills; we see the contrast of the rocks, minerals, pines and then the harbour and the sky which start to blend together. It’s incredible. The city is also impressive – on one hand,  you feel you can reach out and touch it but on the other hand it seems so boundless, you can make out the Golden Isles and Saint-Mandrier bay; the coastal hills of Ouest Var that you can just see…

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You feel you can almost touch Toulon, yet it also seems so boundless...

Inside the cabin, the children are getting more and more adventurous: they are now looking through the glass floor and having fun trying to recognise the different places around them. The cabin is pretty and the attendant is happy to answer passengers’ questions – you can hear the pride in his voice. Even though the trip doesn’t take long, it does leave us enough time to take a few photos and to enjoy the view.

Mount Faron !

Once we arrive, the passengers head off for the picnic tables, a hiking trail, the entrance to the Provence Landings Memorial or the lion’s zoo further along. We decide to take a few more photos of the wonderful view and to go and rediscover the Memorial.

And what would you choose? 😉


After our hike, we make our way back to the cable car station and go down to the city again. More thrills! On our way back to “civilisation”, we laugh at the feeling of heights we get from looking at some hills… For a half day, a full day, or in the evening, Mount Faron’s cable car is an unavoidable attraction to explore in Toulon !

The cable car experience

Enjoy this experience... Go!