It all started with an order … patrons Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles commissioned a young architect called Robert Mallet-Stevens to design a “little house which would be interesting to live in”, in Hyères. From the idea of a rich Parisian couple came this sublime avant-garde Villa Noailles, now an internationally-renowned centre of Art.

Jewel of modern architectural heritage, Villa Noailles welcomes you all year round for fashion, design, photography and architecture exhibitions. When you come to the Var, don’t forget to go “up” to the Villa. The view there is exceptional and the walk from the town centre via the Saint-Bernard gardens is superb.

A breathtaking view

If there is one place to see in the Métropole area, it has to be the Villa. Strolling in the gardens is pure happiness. The stunning view over the old town and the golden isles adds to its magic. Take the time to contemplate the architectural style which reflects all the principles of the rationalist movement, such as refining, hygiene, light and functionality…Imagine yourself back in the 1920s and the contrast with the buildings of the time. You could see yourself at a party in the 1,800 m2 area of the Villa next to Salvador Dali,  Alberto Giacometti and other characters from these auspicious years.

National Art Centre

The villa organises several festivals with young creators from all over the world, from the design to the Interior Architecture festival and the International Festival of Fashion and Photography which has been running for over 30 years. If you’re lucky to be around in April, watching the fashion shows is something to be experienced. Here are some of the different atmospheres you can enjoy during the Festival. A jovial atmosphere at the inauguration, with workshops and conversations at café terraces or in the restaurants, but also the atmosphere of the streets which keep their cool and smile at these pleasant eccentricities.

With the family

Whether you are just passing through or you are a local, villa Noailles is a great idea for a family visit. Children wander around the house’s small rooms, play hide and seek in the gardens and cheekily love to have a “nap” in the deckchairs in the forecourt. The climax of this temple for children is the Pitchouns festival which, every Christmas, offers some crazy events!

Edith Wharton
Memories of Bourget from Across the Sea (1936)

We went up to the old town on foot and I was enchanted by the splendid view from the terrace which overlooks the entire sea from Cape Bénat to Toulon Bay..

Go up to the Villa Noailles

Enjoy this experience... Go!